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: gatticountry gmail.

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All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in one of our kittens, please send us an telling us a bit about yourself, about your home life, how you keep your cats and what you are looking for in a kitten.

For over 40 years, the native Canadian and her retired husband have looked after the fluffy Persian cats and their no less attractive short-haired relative called Exotic Shorthairs. For serious inquiries please by at gatticountry gmail.

Georgia loves to play! Persians often live between 12 and 14 years, and occasionally up to 18 years old when kept and cared for appropriately. In an emergency, veterinarians from the region are on hand.

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Beulweg 30 Lachen Switzerland. Numerous ribbons and trophies on their wall are evidence of the many triumphs. And most cats enjoy the experience of being groomed for shows and being the center of attention. Caballero, an impressive Exotic Shorthair weighing five and a half kilos s us at the table. Often they are tabby, brindle, or spotted. The threesome breeeders 5 weeks of age.

Caregivers for every dog temperament and every budget.

The breed can frauenfel all coat colors from black to gray to red. She caresses us trustingly without being intrusive. We like to place our pet kittens in homes where they will have another animal companion — so we prefer to sell a kitten to a home that already has a cat or dog as a member of the family — or alternately, to place two of our kittens together in their new home. Good timing is everything to a successful birth, so she regularly supervises when the mother cat goes into labor.

Even if their typical face shape and flat beeders sometimes gives them a grump expression, Persians and Exotic Shorthairs are friendly, sociable and mostly very loving companions. They may be more playful them Persians -- an influence inherited chat para adultos their short-haired breed ancestry. We do not resell adults cats for breeding purposes.

Would you like to see the kittens from our past litters?

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We do not sell to catteries that keep their cats in cages. Below are scans of the actual Tierwelt article in German. Twice a day, the four-legged friends receive finely chopped beef, poultry and tuna. Those who like Garfield will adore this Exotic Shorthai breed. Copyright Gatti Calanda.

This female cat gave birth to 3 young kittens for the first time in mid-October. For us it is not a business but a passion. Gatti Calanda is proud to announce we have kittens! Dante, a black Exotic Shorthair with copper-colored eyes, won at the shows regularly.

It's 1 boy and 2 girls! Sometimes Anne-Louise administers homeopathic medicines to aid in a delivery.

American shorthair breeders frauenfeld

The cover of the magazine announces, "Persian Cats Are Addictive". The round eyes, the massive, round head with low set, small round ears and the small, flat nose in the flat face are characteristic of the animals. Ayla, a white Persian cat, was even named the most Free xxx wives chat Swiss Cat of The tail is rather short but bushy.

Mila is bossy boots and is very curious about everything happening. Responsible cat breeders follow the official breed standards and thus contribute to the the future of the Persian and Exotic Shorthair breed. Litter Born April 10, Sire: Jerba Nicol's Churro.

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However, caring for the Persians' long, silky fur requires additional time and care. We want to be sure that every kitten suits their new family and their lifestyle. Gatti Calanda's Blog. New momma Francey. All Rights Reserved.

Click on the Litter link to see our wonderful babies from the years past!

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