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This article was originally published on Oct. She knows about all of your crushes, and the fact that you one time snuck out of the house in high school when you really weren't supposed to. Kristen Bell crying over the sloth?

The chat with your bff as a book!

As it turns out, there is something specific I can say to help comfort my best friend after she gets into an argument with her mother, and to my surprise, she'd much rather go get ice cream than hole up with Seinfeld for an afternoon. You know your best friend chat is legit with your bestie from the officein particular, when you're able to complain about your boss or something ridiculous that happened that day. Although, you might not even need a poll, because you're all on the same wavelength.

Encourage each other to consider travel and independence.

17 chats we’ve all had with our bffs!

So, you turn to your closest friend and have a conversation about all of your wildest fantasies. Do any sound familiar? By Marisa Casciano June 30, What does it take for you to consider somebody your best friend?

She sits and listens intently, and adds her own bucket list into the conversation. You tell her about the cross-country road trips you'd love to take, and how you're considering going to grad school or completely changing up your career. But, you just have a special bond with the girl who's been in your life since day one, because she knows that the diner in your town is basically a landmark, and is clued in on all of your family drama.

But you'll feel better after you do. Selfie Squad 2. Your Crushes Giphy Some of us have really fallen head over heels.

Best friend chat

We Taco 'Bout It You might know right away which name will be everyone's fave. If you're on Facebook Messenger, you can put together a poll to find out which one wins the popular vote. For me, as soon as I can truly be myself around another person, I fridnd we're pretty close.

20 questions that help strengthen your friendships

If one question le you away from the list, follow it! Send this link to the chain ASAP, and see what name sticks out as the group fave. So, here are 20 questions to ask your best friend that will make your relationship stronger than ever — and, of course, help to pass the bset. Actually, to be honest, she's probably been there for many of them and lived those moments right by your side.

Oh well! Ketchup And Best friend chat The Moments 5. It's basically where all of your friends can hang out when you're not together, which is why you need clever group chat names for best friend chats.

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Cradle your iPhone? But, typically the stress you have frriend work might be a pretty popular topic. What started out as a few failed attempts to guess "a corgi" and "The Lion King," we had decided to play a new kind cgat 20 questions; we asked each other personal questions. An inside joke is always an easy start, but casual chat itapevi could also go for something that's super clever like a pun that makes everyone LOL.

At first, any text chain is just a group of names all together.

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You've basically lived at her house and vice versa, so anything that was going on affected both of you in a way. That's why you need to organize bst chats with names. Think about the friend in your life who you'd literally go to with just about anything. You've had a thousand conversations with her about that cute person who sat behind you in class, or the girl you met at that party and best friend chat saw on campus.

Best friend chat

My roommates and I have bonded over the fact that I'll make full meals at midnight when I'm really hungry, and I know the girls I have back home are real ones when they laugh at my let's be honest, probably not that funny jokes. Which is no easy feat when you spend most of your time with someone.

Best friend chat

At one point or another, when you were growing up, you'd vent to each other about your siblings or the chat sexual your family was putting besg you about college applications. No matter what you say, you'll be offering a whole lot of insight into your soul.

Best friend chat

Your Family Drama Giphy Think about your best friend from home and everything only she would slave chat. By Rachel Chapman June 13, At this point, a group chat is as necessary as brunch for any close squad. Caution: Spilled Tea In Here 8.

Best friend chat

There's no "right" answer for any of these questions, they're just deed to inspire you and your friend to open your minds and hearts to some fresh conversations. Mermaid To Be Friends Forever.

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You'll bring those memories up every once in a while when you're feeling bold, and both you and your bestie will be blushing over the fact that it actually happened. How else do you keep in touch during the work week and plan out your weekends together? Those are the kinds of talks that have made your bond incredibly legit. Somewhere in the midst of constant interaction and communication, we have failed to connect all the dots.

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Actually, she'll encourage it, just because she understands the struggle is sometimes just too real. It all seems so cheesy now, but isn't love always a little like that?

Best friend chat

More like this. Yes, you love your college friends, and you'd tell your work wife just about anything at this point. When all is said and done, you'll feel more motivated and refreshed to take on another Monday — assuming you've had your coffee, too.

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