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Everyone is not going to become a world champion. I wasn't bad.

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If it hcat, he is fucked. Contact Tim Wilkin at or twilkin times union. A: All the time. Q: I am sure a lot of kids come in here and think they are going to be the next world champion. My roommate just asked if I would show him something because he was getting beat up every day.

The undefeated ukrainian is willing to face joshua in the uk rather than take the money for a saudi arabia showdown

I was just the little guy in the gym. Fri Oct 23, pm E General Boxing Chat Moderators: gruberisgodE A: Yes. Yes probably hes content being a multi millionaire at 32 he probably is kind of content happy he made it 1 free chat the bigtime Listen at the end of the day maximized his talent and his dollars bro It's about going out and traveling and meeting new friends.

Boxing chat

If I remember he was a black man from Alabama, wonder if his head is exploding with this whole Wilder thing? A: Off and on, since I was eight years old. Tue Dec 15, am moemoney His offensive arsenal is unquestionably elite and he has great conditioning.

The program is funded by the city. I was going to go in the Army and I didn't have time for it.

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So I don't know shit about shit, about shit when it comes to running this t, so thanks to Jermzhi for keeping this shit up and going. More Information.

Q: How old are you now? I've liked them all. Mon Nov 23, am aneed Beef Videos First post Last post Not beef, but :smiley-says-lol: :smiley-says-lol: :smiley-says-lol: :smiley-says-lol: :smiley-says-lol: :clap:.

Boxing chat

Listen he has a great chin,he doesn't boxint any one thing great in the ring but he does everything well probably above average The dudes he lost to were clearly better boxers, more skilled,better athletes He probably overachieved if u really think about it. It's not always about being a world champion.

Anyone want some of this? He has a good style and very good skills. When he talked, you always got something out of it.

Nothing beats boxing!

Donated ASSets. Maybe someone just needs a place to be because they are having problems at home or at school. My college roommate, who graduated a year before me, became the director of the YMCA in Niagara Falls and there was a kid boxing there. Sat Dec 19, pm 5Burowz.

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I really hope he fights Fury. Is it 8 2 minute rds like the faggoty tyson roy fight??? Kids just chta to come in with their own equipment. Two things can happen when you spar.

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A: We want to let them know that this is a safe place to come. U need a hug :hearty-laugh: :hearty-laugh: :hearty-laugh: Look man danny soft he always has been You don't have to have much for it. A: You know who I always wanted? Tue Apr 28, am E Q: If there was a movie made about your life, and you could pick the actor to play you, who would it be? Thu Nov 19, pm Jermzhi.

He was like a second dad to me. A: Probably the Fourth of July. Search for:.

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