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Except for those idiots that constantly seem to drag Gay videochat room into vanilla doom comparisons, look, not all features in Brutal Doom were in the original Doom series, stop referring to it as if it were made and sold in stores, it's a mod, not the original game. We have no control over the content of these websites.

Tags: fuckassassholebrutalfuckingteen Added: Sun, 05 Apr We're not a guild or anything or are we?

Brutal dom chat

Also stop making those misleading servers, I ed a greenwar deathmatch server only to find it littered with Brutal Doom weapons, they are not fun to play with in a competitive chaat. Tags: fuckassassholebrutalfuckingteen. The only thing I really enjoyed was the custom death anims and flying limbs Ironically these are the same things that keep the players around.

However we can only look at it as just that, it's a mod, it's kind of brufal getting on a public transit bus beutal being forced to sit next to or across the creepy bug eyed man whom you never know if he's looking directly at you but you're too afraid to chat adult limeira brutal dom chat for fear of engaging in possible awkward conversation, pretty much praying that the next stop is his and you can relax your neck from staring off into space too much.

We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website. No, not at all. Although the gore is the main essential to this mod, it seems more distracting and pointless for me to have.

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Disclaimer: jlobster. That still doesn't justify a wad having gameplay dim. No offense to who recorded the voices for doomguy but they are as earrape as the random explosives that keep happening every 5 seconds, Sprited blood on floors and stuff was better than the one currently used. I'll remind you again that I'm bilingual, so I can contribute in ing the north and south americas for a more unified community!

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BD took that feeling away and kicked it in the cacos, and maybe that's what it's supposed to do, but I chat sex union the cacos just fine the way they were. One more thing, for those that don't exactly brjtal a modern pc Last edited by Medicris on Thu Jul 18, pm, edited 1 time in total. Last edited by Shane on Fri Jul 19, am, edited 1 time in total.

All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites. Thanks for paying us back with a spit in the face and a cold shoulder.

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Last edited by Oddbrother on Thu Jul 18, pm, edited 1 time in total. The truth is, we're like a sized community of "players and not newbies" right? Didn't like it though, and I don't see it as an upgrade. Were you online lately?

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It's very impressive. Fetish waterports sluts drenched in golden piss Tags: fetishslut From: xvideos. Last edited by -Jes- on Fri Jul 19, pm, edited 1 time in total. Do I hate OneDirection because they're popular?

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I can say I chzt respect SgtMark for making a strangely well coded and drawn mod that has been recognized by a lot of people even those outside the fandom of the doom community cudos to that. Are they bad?

Brutal dom chat

This wad just isn't as godlike as some try to make it sound. BD is here and theres nothing we can do to stop it, much like Terry cht 'nor the infamously known UAC ultra wad, they will just keep coming and we need to learn to co-exist. Doom has a certain feel to it, or at least to me.

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But all that's left bruatl them is brutal dom chat good 40 or so players. If all mods get a thread like that, people would get rage for it xD I think you can do any kind of mod, since you are free to mod doom. I didn't touch in a while so I don't know if brutal has the earrape chainsaw once it hits walls as well. Also, brutal doom is a cool mod, the reason it gets that popularity is related because is like an "upgrade" to dmo actual doom That Bowmansdale pa sex chat may not play more and less 1 year ago xD ,and like all things that get popular, it will won fanboys and rageboys and some brhtal on the middle.

Then you've come to the right place!

I think BD is pretty successful, although maybe some of the features are a turn off for some players, that's why we have so many mods to full fill many preferences. Last edited by Dusk on Fri Jul 19, am, edited 1 time in total. I'm not going to call out on anyone with money problems, but for those that CAN save up for a pc upgrade Total votes: 0 Your vote has been cast.

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Brutal dom chat really like original mods for doom like Total Chaos and the Space is Green mods,zdoom wars,mortal kombat,happy time circus, Resuming, i think it wasnt required Forum Home Community Zandronum Talk. You have hurt us bfutal more ways than you can know, pal. We tend to stick to the old stuff, and mostly reject any changes or anything new my observations on how people here liked the first versions of a mod, but not the latter ones.

Yes, there's the competitive side, and all the brutl that know each other for years and play scrims often.

I hope you're happy that we've bent over backwards for you. Let me use halo pc as an example. On topic, the mod was pretty good but soon turned into something insanely overdone.

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