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Chat mania

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Chat mania

Ahora no. My husband recently came to bed at 3am and upon asking him he said that he was chatting with hi friends on Facebook. My wife has of late been receiving some whatsapp and txt messages from a purporting to be of a UFIC pastor.

Chat mania

Have fun. Elynet Guyo.

Chat mania

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He even sneaks out of bed to go and look at these disgusting naked images. Share with us your experiences on how the social networks have helped improve your relations with family members, and if you have ever date someone you met online.

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Hi guys, lets get it going. This are the more professional sites where you can learn that there are maybe 25 hours a day. There are only 24 hours a day. Clear your history. Does this mean that l am not good enough for him or what???

Chat mania

The sudden attachment that my husband now has with his phone is really irritating me. To make matters worse, all that he would find pleasure looking at are pictures of nude women. Share this :.

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Chat mania

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My problem now is the time i am spending on facebook is now affecting my grades and he also wants to meet with me face to face. Clear your history.

Is my wife playing games with me or the men of cloth are now stalking our wives using random s. How is facebook and whatsaopp intruding into yo family lives?

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