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Chat romanian

Your medal on people's user s doesn't seem to have much value, so you'd better refrain. Views Read Edit View history. If you wish to start a new discussion chhat revive an old one, please do so on the current talk. You say it's many?

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I saved that piece of info in my computer and here it is:. And what are these Western values to you, because I hardly see a single country agreeing to hold the same values.

Chat romanian

Daca vom fi uniti, vom fi o forta. However, I doubt this is possible, and it's certainly one of Anitta's bad jokes. While I agree that linguistically Moldovan is a non-sense, his act is unacceptable.

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I'll probably them when I'm back in Seattle, because I've been really busy here not that I won't be busy in Seattle. My translation at my own inconvenience was for the sake of an interested person who doesn't read Romanian. The Romanian community is stronger than I estimated. I pd it was primarily romaniann convenience, given that it was a discussion on a used mainly by people who at least read Romanian, but that someone got a bit snippy when chat romanian to translate.

Bonaparte talk1 January UTC.

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The problem is, they suck. Restul de voi ati stat si va-ti uitat ca mata in calendar.

Chat romanian

Our Academia Romana should create Romanian words from our own vocabulary of Latin origin. As far as I know, I have not translated anyone's "private thoughts". As I said, I'm not venturing a photo of the Metro. Does this building have a name?

Chat romanian

Annex no. You have Western Europe discriminating their immigrants, while at the same time being soft on terrorists and extremists. This is so funny, but it's nice to see them stick up for each other.

Chat romanian

This image, which shows the Bucharest Novotel under construction, also illustrates typical Bucharest taxis. This, however, is an international project.

Practice and improve your fluency. online conversational romanian lessons with native romanian speakers. speak romanian with confidence. improve your pronunciation and build fluency through live conversation with professional native speaking language tutors.

I think is a good opportunity to start this. One more I thought worth mentioning here, since Ronline was strongly interested in government buildings: names of mine start with "Traj col". Hope it helps.

Bonaparte, much of what I said above is also about you. I should have loved a thunderbird instead. Our darling Bonaparte has been a pain all along, but what he did this time is simply unforgivable. Acesti tradatori, deocamdata, sunt Ronline si Orioane.

Chat romanian

As I remember it, there hasn't been a meetup in Bucharest, and at least half a dozen people have mentioned that is where they live, so it might be a good chance for some of you to meet each other, too. Anonimu23 April UTC.

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Is it "the Victoria building" or some such? Download as PDF Printable version. Everyone is welcomed here! And if not, what do you mean.

Orioane has accepted nomination for adminship. Also, I've added quite a few images at commons:Category:Calea Victoriei, Bucharest and have more to come.

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And I certainly don't hesitate to quote in Romanian where it is relevant in discussing a citation. I'm from Botosani county and I can say that I haven't seen homeless gay chat montreal that sniff glue, yet, in Arad, a city slightly smaller than Botosani, you could see many of these kids gathering at the train station, begging and sniffing glue.

This is about this editand especially its chat romanian summary. Has someone time to translate something? All participants may debate also here Talk:Moldovan language. Trebuie sa avem mai multi utilizatori cha. If you go to all Ukrainian and Russian wikimessage board, you won't find a single non-English word there, as editors there simply respect the community that might stop by to check on what's going on.

They spend their time being snobs.

La Motor? I should be working for them at least six months.

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You can keep that shitty idealism for your heaven - or hell. Are you telling me that somehow this article is your business, but not mine? I think they are a bit dark; if someone cares to used PhotoShop or an romabian to lighten them, feel free.

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