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My mom found some in my room, washed them and put them in with my other underwear and never said a thing.

Men in panties chat

In fact, all the more power to whatever guy wears panties! Let him explore and have fun! Men's i white cotton briefs or even boxers suck.


The range of dressing is quite broad. I wear panties because the fabric makes me feel sensual and sexy. How can one piece of clothing be so amazing and provide such enjoyment.

Men in panties chat

If he's buying you nice panties too I'd look at pantoes as a good thing for you. Boyfriend wears panties Alot of men find women's underwear far more comfortable.

It was totally hot! Nobody will judge about what you are doing within your own four walls.

Many men wearing panties enjoy checking out hampers and laundry rooms searching for dirty panties to smell panties, sniff panties, wrap panties around there cock and masturbate with panties, or slide them chat flirt chat video and stroke themselves in panties and cum on panties. I'm now There are new super pantiew fabrics now and many panties fit a guy great. She said that she did it so I could see what women had to go through to be pretty.

He just has a fetish for panties. I think you are very lucky!

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The problem is that most guys who wear panties feel they need to hide that they wear womans panties from there wife or ana chat when in fact most woman would be comfortable with there man wearing panties, and yes even turned on by seeing a man in panties. You will be amazed at the of pictures, movies and stories from guys wearing panties from all over the world.

So, he said we definately were doing that again.

Wife accepts me wearing panties My wife knows I like the fit and feel of panties and she even helped pick some out. Every section of this website requires a different up, so you will only get notifications for additions to this section of the site, not posts in other sections.

They are softer and nicer looking and I guess there is the danger of being caught and the forbidden aspect! He was hesitant at first but after some encourgement, he actually tried them.

Men in panties chat

I told my wife one day that I liked panties and had worn them before we married. My husband wears panties Most men who crossdress are heterosexual. I don't get why men who wear panties are put down.

Men in panties chat

Perhaps in some ways we have slid further back than we came forward when it comes pantiex gender equality. He's just exploring a different side of himself.

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Husband wore my panties It's a very common fetish in men We have seen a lot more couples visiting ana chat in panties pictures submitting dhat, movies, stories and looking to meet with other couples in panties and men in panties. They just like to be feminine every once and awhile.

Let him know your ok with him wearing panties and that you want to see why he enjoys wearing panties so mn. Sometimes she makes me wear panties and stockings under my suit to work.

Men in panties chat

I just wish I could find a woman who wouldn't have a major meltdown while seeing me wearing panties. The word panties iin panty is such a powerful word, just simple hearing the word panties or panty or even reading the word panties or panty and you will find yourself getting excited. Its simple most woman enjoy turning on there partner and seeing him excited and happy.

I feel really sexy when I have panties on. Chzt about a month later he put a pair on again for a second and it turned me on and we had the best sex.

Men wearing panties

Its easy to see why men wear panties. Husbands wearing panties is filled with many different areas for you to explore and add to, you can start your own gallery and add pictures of you wearing panties.

Gay guys pantties wont to look like women. Husband wears panties When my wife and I first started getting serious about each other, I was honest and told her that I only wear panties. They're pieces of fabric, sewn together to cover a woman's bits.

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