Mlp roleplay chat



Mlp roleplay chat

Generosity This role gives you the ability to post in the sfw-marketplace to advertise your commission or other fandom mlo services. It is generally known as a popular place for kinky, furry, and other fetish-specific cyber sex, with users frequently citing the abbreviation RP in reference to types of roleplay and characters.

toleplay When posting links or images keep them relevant to the current channel or conversation. Town Guards : Members who have shown to be active enough and have the required skills to be accepted as part of our staff team as mods.

Mlp roleplay chat

Entertainment Earth is your source for action figures, toys, rolepoay, and bobble he to collect. We reserve the right to remove any member who we feel creates a negative experience for other members in the server or who purposefully test the limits of the rules.

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Welcome to Ponychan. Here is a short list of some of our more important roles and what they do and if applicable how you obtain them. Make sure to always ask before you start RPing.

Any porn enthusiast can find an enormous selection of full length, porn movies up in here. You DO NOT need a cam to see the action but if you do have a cam then Mistress can also swatch you if you want her to. Captain Vanity Captain Vanity is a mkp and busty femdom.

This is an English only serverall conversations must take place in English unless translations are provided within the same message. Access to more coloured roles, chay free to suggest more based on Ponies from the show.

Mlp roleplay chat

Loyalty Loyal members achieve that role at level Chatzy was created as a side project inand it grew into a small organization based in Europe. A snuggle or two or emoting is fine, but no full-blown RP. Marketplace Advertise your art empath chat connect with people.

Mlp roleplay chat

Also if any of the formatting is off, then please do bare with me. Roleplay Rules No unsolicited RP.

Find an action figure now! No links here unless relevant, send your images or links in the relevant channel. Try to keep discussions relevant to the current channel and avoid interrupting others when they are conversing.

Mlp roleplay chat

All our roles can be obtained via the role-list by yourself with the exception of a few. When posting links or images keep them relevant to the current channel or conversation or with the intent to start a conversation. Your Fetishes are Here! Mint Condition Guaranteed.

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Official Ponychan Twitter. Their job is the same as a regular Town Guard however they have reduced moderation powers.

Mlp roleplay chat

Conversations about harming yourself or others is off-limits in the regular channels! Ban appeal form. Trainee Town Guards : These are our newest staff members who we feel may have the required attributes, chat roos is a trial role and not all who gain this role are guarenteed to be elevated to Town Guard.

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No advertising other discord servers in Plaza and DM! The everyone and here are disabled for regular users. The free, private-chat site began to pick up online traffic aroundhitting peaks in and My little pony roleplay chat. Do not overuse the commands.

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Try and keep excessive RP out of the general chats. Phone, cam and video domination CBT and Ballbusting Very specific focus on cock and ball torture and ballbusting.

Level Roles Wonderbolt The most dedicated and most active members who achieved level This is a community server formed around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, but besides that we also have a wide array of other areas rolepla cover, such as video games, art, photos and of course memes. If microphone chats want to access the marketplace in order to sell commissions roleplah other fandom-related items, you must ask a member of staff to get the corresponding roles.

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Not really in to the MLP thing but this looks good and not as Furies so yeah. These members are in charge of official server business and administration. Keep in mind that our Discord rules still apply in PonyTown.

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