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It is fine to require posting, but a response should be optional. Other than that, the structure goom the course is fine: the discussion boards are good.

I am sure that I did the same thing sometimes, but I feel that others did it a lot of the time. Some modules had different sections in the discussion board that opened and closed on different dates.

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Maybe if the students were not allowed to enter into another section of that module until the religlon date, there would be more sharing of ideas in each section. If questions take a long voice chat strangers to be answered, it slows down the process of the asments. It takes some time for me to put ideas into words and I have reilgion keep going over those words to make sure that the words I choose do not contradict each other.

Religion debate chat room

I really enjoyed learning about all the different religions. I think that there sex chatting birmingham defiantly a lot of work required for this course. This is a little easier when people are not staring at me, waiting for the next word to come out of my mouth. The quantity of work was fine as long as all of the asment questions had answers. I believe the professor should ask more questions in the discussions board, so we can have a better understanding of the topics of discussion.

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Part 7: What other suggestions, comments, or recommendations would you have for the instructor? Any move to accept them as a consideration of possible changes would be a deathblow to what made this course informative as well as fun. We are engaged on the issue and committed sebate looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. The most reading was the very first module where we covered every religion.

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Like I said ly I think that the virtual classroom might help in this situation. Part 1: What did you like best about this course? It was not hard for me to finish men texting work on time. So I feel that maybe a scheduled meeting online once or twice a week might help in that situation. I thought that there could be more lecture notes, but because you wrote religio text, I guess the lecture notes would have been repetitive.

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We were to compare six different religions. But overall, I think that we had ample time to do the asments, but it was very easy to fall behind.

This post came from an individual who themselves rambled, used poor English grammar, and posted many an annoying statement. None, this question seems to be connected to the one above. Too often posts consisted of rambling, and such poor grammar or ideas that it was annoying to read not to mention respond.

Creativity has no end. I understand that it is one of the most common religions, but if there was a way to expand the discussions so not only did they cover Christianity, but a wider range of the religions, that would help increase our understanding. There was plenty of time to do the asments, religiion long as one was going to take this class as seriously as they would a traditional course in the classroom. People shared their opinions clearly and were not afraid to speak what they felt.

I really enjoyed this class very much.

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The professor should read all postings and delete those that are irrelevant to the module questions or not written in English. Specific answers to specific asment questions that can be found in the online text would help a lot.

Religion debate chat room

There were some asment questions that needed elaborate answers, answers that could not be found in the textbook. I like online courses because everyone had to participate in order to get a good grade. I wish to comment on some statements naturist chat on the discussion board, since they are public, and I feel quite strongly about them:.

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However, in the beginning of this course I felt that there was so much material to cover could not accomplish it all due chat latino houston the quick due dates. What changes would you suggest be made to the quantity of work required for this course? This is a better way to learn because it challenges us to try to find the answers by ourselves without you chiming in every time to help us.

I feel that the quantity of work was a lot, but I also feel that if you were to cut down on the workload, the student will not get a full understanding of the course contents.

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You encouraged debate. P art 1: What did you like best about this course?

Religion debate chat room

I feel that the learning activities were deed well. It is too time consuming to have to log on to a post only to find out that it is irrelevant, etc.

Religion debate chat room

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