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You can unsubscribe at any time. The seven long Across theme answers have precious or semiprecious stone names hidden in the circled letters, and their starred crossing Downs have the letters SET criss-crossing the space between the two chunks of stone name.

This theme concept is rather elaborate, and executed elegantly. It documents a spate of puzzles published by Timothy Parker that were wholly or partially duplicated from New York Times crosswords.

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up to receive news, offers and competitions from Black ebony chat Holidays by First name For further details, please read our privacy policy. up Keep an eye on your for the sam special offers from us. Pwanson scraped tens of thousands of puzzles from the web and got tens of thousands more from Barry Haldiman who runs the Crossword Fiend blog.

Rivera on Saturday appeared to respond to the reports, with a second video that appeared on the Instagram of the fan group Naya Rivera Team. Parker's plagiarized puzzles were syndicated widely including in USA Today usually under fake author names.

Pwanson's website lists the similarity scores for the most similar puzzles included in his corpus.

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