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A baobab can live more that years. After a round of drying, they put wax on other lines, and dyed it again.

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Syllabus For those interested in a little more detail about our schedule, here is some of the syllabus MS-Word file for this term in Senegal. They're here! Telephone s in Africa. She spent more than a week hospitalized. Nick also tutores high school students who would like to improve vhat English.

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Views Read Edit View history. After having spent about six weeks in different towns and villages of Dakar, our students got back on the July 19 all safe and in good spirit. The weekend in the village was an opportunity for students to experience the ctiy side of the Senegalese life.

Senegal city chat line

These presentations took about 6 hours, but the students remainded very alert and captivated by each presentation. They are lictured here with their families.

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Josh and Marcos live in separate houses in the small town of Diourbel, three hours East of Dakar. Add links. Katie also work in the cityy department assisting them by entering finaicial datas in the computer. Water and sandwiches were served, and a prayer of gratitude said to God. There were no hospitals for slaves. Zadi co-lead a group in another west African country, Ivory Coast cityy, in Students learn Batik painting part 5 The final product.

Ethnicity, drumming and painting Thursday we had a lecture on "Ethnic Groups in Senegal.

Senegalese visa services

They work for the Catholic Caritas organization in rural development projects. They are pictured here with their respective host families. Service visit: Lije Penner and Erin Williams in the village Ndombo - near RichardToll- Anne work in the village clinic while Erin gej chat at the women milk production organization.

Senegal city chat line

It's late, but they still seem to have a lot of energy--breaking into groups of three and four to play cards or chat. Tomorrow Fridaywe'll have the first orientation, and they will meet their families in the chat to woman at 3pm. In the afternoon, he makes the Senegalese traditional tea for the family or goes cyat play soccer along with his hostbrother missing on the picture.

At noon, we all have lunch. Next they applied applied wax on the lines, and dyed the material in a chosen color. Students learn batik painting part 2 Upon their arrival, each student was given a piece of white cotton.

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He works with an christian organization that offers positive activities based on Bible stories, songs, etc for kids sejegal the summer holidays. International Education Office Kevin Koch kevinak goshen. Download as PDF Printable version. Nick is in Mekhe, a village that is two and half hours north of Dakar.

Anne works in the village clinic. We first had a debriefing. Service at the Zadis' house Every Wednesday, students take a break from lectures and French classes to meet at the Zadi house where we have a worship service and cyat.

Senegalese visa services

The three cuty colors white, red and yellow from slave trading days are the only ones allowed. More than twenty million slaves over the course of three centuries passed through the island.

Students are seen enjoying the traditional tiepou dien with bissap juice. Every Vhat, students take a break from lectures and French classes to meet at the Zadi house where we have a worship service and discussions.

Summer unit

Erin is pictured with two of her co-workers while Anne is pictured in front of the clinic where she works. The summer Senegal SST unit has returnedbut we'll leave the photos and stories here. The second activity in which citg participated was the M'Blax traditional. Each student was to research in deapth on a specific aspect of the Senegalese life and culture.

Third picture: Time to go home; Jennifer Koch is leaving with her "mother. Visit to Saint-Louis On Friday the 14th, we left our classes and lectures to visit the colonial town of Saint-Louis, the first capital town in West Africa during French colonization.

Senegal city chat line

Students learn batik painting part 1 Students got on a car rapide minibus to get to the batik painting workshop--notice the "American eagle" on the door. Hidden : Articles with short description Short periscope chat room with empty Wikidata description. The remaining pictures are from a lunch at Alex' home where his mother served us a delicious tiepou diene.

Nick has spent time painting and chatting sengeal him and his apprentices.

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