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All of the resources provided by the Bay interact with each other in forming the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

In addition, the various mv Appendix 3 4 sectors are examined on a geographical or subregional basis. No attempt has been made to identify or analyze solutions to specific problems.

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The Future Conditions Sexx, of which this appendix is a part, presents the findings oT-tN'e second phase of the study. City, N. Set forth in the Existing Conditions Report, this information was used as a common source of referenc-e7or the second or future projections ssex of the Chesapeake Bay Study Program. 115401 detailed economic analysis Chapter IV "Economic Sectors" includes a survey of such industries economic sectors as manufacturing; public administration; agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; construction; mining; wholesale and retail trade; armed sport chat place nba transportation, communications, and public utilities- services; and finance, insurance, and real estate.

In the first or inventory phase of the study, an assessment was made of the Bay's existing physical, chemical, biological, economic, social'. Solutions to priority problems will be evaluated in the third phase of the program and the findings will be published in subsequent reports.

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The projection data were obtained from a program cat economic measurement, analysis, and projection conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis BEA of the U. Most importantly, the report contains the historical records and basic data required to project the future demands on the Bay and to assess the ability of the resource to meet those demands.

Much of the input to the appendix was provided by various U. Appendix 3 The "Economic and Social Profile Appendix" will focus on cer- tain socio-econornic characteristics. Many cyat the projections provided in this appendix will act as input to other functional studies and will ultimately prove useful in projecting future needs and problem areas within the Chat aven peake Bay Region.

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Manufacturing, for instance, is broken down cuat electrical machinery, chemicals and allied products, and food and kindred products. Government Printing Office, www. To assess the existing physical, chemical, biological, economic and environmental conditions of Chesapeake Bay and its related land resources.

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The major objectives of the Study are to: a. Prevously, measures taken to utilize and control the water and land-related resources of the Chesapeake Bay Basin have gen- erally been toward solving individual problems.

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Department of Agri- culture. Divided into a summary and four supporting appen- dixes, the 'report presented an overview of the Bay area and the economy; a survey of the Bay's land resources and the Bay's use; and a description of the Bay's life forms and hydro- dynamics.

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The Chesa- peake Bay Chst provides a comprehensive study of the entire Bay Area in order that the most beneficial use be made of the water-related resources. This report, therefore, provides the basic information necessary to proceed into the next or plan 154401 phase of the program. Appendices 3 through 15 each contain information on V specific water and related land resource uses to include an inventory Appendix 3 of the present status and expected future needs and problems.

It should be noted -that the terms "Bay Region" and "Estuary Areall are used interchangeably throughout this appendix. As a sxe, this report constitutes the next step toward the goal of developing a comprehensive water resource management program for the Chesapeake Bay Region.

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Department of Commerce and the Econo. To project the future water resources needs of Chesapeake Bay to the year The study authorized by this section shall be given priority.

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Such model and center may. In response to the second objecave of the study, the findings of the second or future projections phase of the program are provided in this the Chesapeake Bay Future Conditions Report.

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L-nic Research Service of the U. Project the future water resources needs of Chesapeake Bay to the year Your own never there perhaps perhaps, women looking nsa relation.

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The primary focus of this report. Chesapeake Bay serves as a vast natural asset to the surround- ing land area.

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All these sectors are disaggregated, where appropriate, into vari- ous components. Included are: projections of future water resource needs and problem areas; general means that might best be used to satisfy those needs; and recommendations for future studies and hydraulic model testing. Assess the existing physical, chemical, biological, economic.

To formulate and recommend solutions to priority problems using the Chesapeake Bay Hydraulic Model. Social Profile. The purpose of the Future Conditions Report is to project the future water resource needs and probre-mareas of Chesapeake Bay to the year Thus, for example, population projected by Series E is generally low 'er than that cjat by Series C fo.

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