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In some cases they may continue to work, in most cases they will probably fail.

Talkcity chat plugin

So if they are so offended by who and chat free xxx we do why do they make it their business to chat in our rooms? I still have it, LOL. As far as we ciy WebTV has no plans at this time of eliminating the custom chat interface, and we certainly haven't asked WebTV to do so. How prevalent is this? Aimee is this discrimination of the stupid kind or what?

What's your nickname?

What the hell is going on? These are all serious issues which our changes will prevent. Generally speaking, Talk City's severs will expect certain information to be passed at log on which isn't normally passed by an IRC Script.

Chat Help? They don't tell you this in the TV commercials!


People do everything in their power to move the "GAY" issue out of their life. So, yes, we are a business and our objective is to make money, but that is not the reason these changes are taking place. TeenTalk: Dedicated to teenagers and Gen-X'ers. These changes are ciity for accessing Talk City. There are dozens of webtv'ers who cannot chat at all on their Webtvs because of the tyrants at TalkCity who get a kick out of ordering people around and threatening to have Webtv turn off their chat ability, and Webtv does it whenever they vity.

Talk city chat rooms

It is true that half of Talk City's business model depends on. We will not provide information on how to use IRC scripts to access Talk City, nor will we answer questions on why any particular script does or does not work.

How talk city works

There are icty many attacks and aggressive actions in use every day. Must be over If it were society's business then I can see the point, but it's not it's no-ones, and until that is realized this pettiness and childishness of banning things unfortunatly has to go on. What we are doing is ceasing to support these interfaces on Talk City. They should be finding ways to improve themselves, not treat us like they are our parents!

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Talk City: Talk City has been working on this problem for an extremely long time. Ultimately this is the only action we can take and still continue to allow open access for all WebTV users. My other room is more like a posting chatroom though, very similar to a boardroom, so free chat room in idaho one is probably easier if you are chatting with a big group of people at the same time. This of course doesn't include any attacks on users which aren't reported to CSAs.

Society does this to us and now are chat rooms also.

Talk city chat rooms

I like this room a lot better than TalkCity. These changes are taking place purely for the reasons stated, to gooms the quality of the experience for the majority of Talk City's users. Enter TalkCity Chat.

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Why ignore the fact who people are? Talk City: No. We are not trying to change the experience WebTV users have on the internet or deny them access to services available elsewhere. These attacks come from IRC Scripts with tools to send floods to both rooms and individual users and various other attacks.

Talk city chat rooms

Chatting Over the Web:. What we are trying to do is improve the experience for all users at Talk City, both WebTV and computer users alike. I am the parent of a 4-year-old and a year-old, and it is MY right to make sure they "behave," not TalkCity's!!!

Talk city users upset by site's shuttering

We are simply going to stop supporting the IRC scripts. WebTV does not pay Talk City to provide a chat service to it's users.

Talk city chat rooms

It would be silly of me to suggest that we aren't interested in money, ultimately we are a business and like any business we have a requirement to earn an income. Its even worse because, if TalkCity doesn't like you, even if you're not causing a problem or harrassing people but DonnaCSA decides she doesn't like your name, she will ban you and Webtv will make it impossible for you to chat Friends to talk to online by turning off your chat on your box.

Talk City: For obvious reasons we aren't discussing exactly what changes are being made. Click below to enter, thanks! tooms

I hope that in this life time things will change, it's hard enough to express who we are because we cbat not allowed, why stop us from chatting innocent talk to one another. I know for a fact when we do ban an ISP both WebTV and ourselves get hundreds of call from affected users who can't connect to chat. This would not be SUCH a problem if there were other places where it was easy for webtv'ers to chat.

We don't go into straight rooms, they come to us. It isn't fair to us that roomx thing can be one to one room and not the other, that is why we all still feel so different from one another. Chatting Online. We regularly experience attacks which disconnect WebTV users from chat chat bazzar even their dialup connection, shut down a users WebTV box and in worst case scenarios actually reprogram the WebTV box so it doesn't respond to commands.

Talk city chat rooms

I hope soon that things change and that this foolishness will end. We share every other right in talk city chat rooms country, speaking is one of them, but society keeps us secluded from things because of who we sleep with. By taking these steps that affect this small segment of our users we are making the chat experience better for the vast majority of our users. Do they share ad revenues for banner placed in the WebTV chat interface? News Feature.

WebTV users are particularly vulnerable to these attacks, and are frequently the targets of such activities. One of the aims of Talk City is to provide the greatest benefit for the largest of our users with the least inconvenience.

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