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Ellie's romance cup is running over but Magda and Nadine's need refilling. It's tough being a teenager, and the embarrassment of discovering that Dan is only 12 makes Ellie determined to improve her image. Should she be flattered or furious?

Teen love chats

Ellie knows who she'd love her date to be - Darius - but he's not even part of the gang any more. Then, the Italian foreign exchange trip boys arrive. Sort that one out. And the school dance in its turn can only mean you HAVE to have a date. She does everything to catch chata eye but all she gets is a dose of embarrassment.

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Ellie is thrilled, relieved and a tiny bit nervous when she sorts out work experience with a local artist. It's the start of Year 9 but Ellie wishes she'd stayed in bed. The girls are conducting an experiment based on their conclusion that romance is doomed.

Teen love chats

But is it anger? They may all love her, but it doesn't mean they all love each other. It's up to Ellie to sort things out before the day is ruined. Life seems perfect for Ellie until a concert with the girls clashes with Russell's school dance.

Teen love chats

So a paper round it motherwell milf chat to be - even though she looks and feels like a complete reptile in the get-up. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. The girls are officially depressed and decide that revenge is the best medicine: Magda plans some poolside payback, Nadine humiliates her nasty sister and Ellie deals with Dan's new reen.

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With a new baby about to steal the limelight, Ellie decides to think positive and help Anna. Ellie's speechless when Dad and Anna announce that they're getting married. The show ran for two series from 1 April to 20 May It calls for hcats action - she can't go to the wedding without a date.

Teen love chats

Ellie is officially in love - it's magical, wonderful and all consuming - and everyone else is being neglected. Ellie sees beyond Dan's geeky exterior and at last gets her first kiss.

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Things are bad. The show is narrated by Ellie, and usually portrays her life events in her sketchbook, which blends the show's live action with tfen in a similar manner to the American teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire.

Could be fun, normally would be fun - except that Ellie is still angry with Magda. British television series. You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time. Magda and Nadine are horrified but it's not until Anna is rushed to hospital that Ellie discovers Magda falls for dhats art teacher, Mr Green.

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Download as PDF Printable version. What she needs is a new love interest and comes up with the perfect plan: if you want to get to know boys, you have to hang out where they do - the football ground. While Ellie gets some exercise, Magda chats to a hunk. Granada Media. Ellie gets the text message of her dreams, but dreams can so easily turn to nightmares.

Teen love chats

Magda sets up a triple-date - will Ellie find a boyfriend in time? The timing for this major bust-up couldn't be worse: cbats three girls are due to be smiling on the front cover of their fave teen mag.

Teen love chats

She lives with her dad and chxts girlfriend later wife Anna, and her baby half-brother Benedict "Eggs". Everyone's busy busy busy - except Ellie. Greg announces his undying love for Magda, Nadine receives a love letter from a secret admirer, so Ellie is the only singleton once again. The DVD releases are episodes strung into movies with music changes, due to copyright reasons.

Teen love chats

It is based on the novel of the same nameboth created by English author Jacqueline Wilson. The remaining 4 episodes of Series 1 and the last 9 shows of Series 2 have not had official DVD releases, probably due to music rights issues and poor sales.

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Poor Magda has had to admit that her heart has been broken, but not just by Lovee. But then she meets Russell and it seems her luck is about to change. It's Eggs' naming ceremony, but the festivities can't commence until Magda's dear hamster has been given a respectful Goth farewell. Ellie hates Russell and Magda.

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She and Dan lpve spent the holidays together but something's missing. But before she has time to miss him, Dad and Anna reveal some shocking news.

The image of Dan and his new girlfriend keeps popping into her head, then Dad disappears. Ellie discovers that Dan has a new girlfriend - even worse she's stick thin.

Teen love chats

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