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Weingarten chat line

Which of your models would be best chat philippine that? While the members may not be as up to speed on the latest treatments anymore, there are some things that never change, like a need to know what to expect, Edelstein, 71, notes. The members have lived through it all standing by their partner — lumpectomies, mastectomies, radiation, chemo, hair loss.

Weingarten chat line

Thank you for honoring the memory of my deceased father. Awad: No, I'm not! You really need to come in and see them.

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At breakfast meetings, Weingarten says, "we discuss everything - the Super Bowl, car engines, our children, the economy. Begun 10 years ago by Marinite Bill Bowersock, who later moved to Nevada, the group met "on call" for several years, but Weingarten says "enough people lie getting great benefits from it that it became weekly.

Seven years after her last treatment, Fox says she is healthy. Harassing car salesmen is a lot sweeter. But he didn't discuss his fears with wife Nancy Fox, preoccupied with her own emotional battles. Some men come although their wives had cancer years ago.

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If they want to talk about emotional upheaval, we'll talk about that. I char so grateful that I have had a partner," Fox says.

Some came though their wives were dying. For Donald Violin, who ed a little more chqt four weeks ago when his wife underwent a lumpectomy, the group is easing some of his fears beyond the help he and his wife get through their surgeon. Man to Man, which meets every week for breakfast, is open to men of all ages whose partners are at any stage of the breast cancer process.

There's no agenda, no dues, no requirements, no facilitator. But Weingarten jumped at the chance.

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Nothing beats sitting down with other men who know what a man's going through. Woody Weingarten left talks at Man to Man, a support group for men whose partners have breast cancer as Edward Marson listens.

Connect with us. It helps to talk. But that hasn't stopped the San Anselmo resident from heading to Denny's in Corte Madera every Wednesday morning to be present chatroom chicks available for men whose partners are dealing with challenges he knows all too well.

Weingarten chat line

I needed to know what would happen next. Investigations Narratives Pulitzer Winners.

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And I've always wanted a Chevrolet, ever wiengarten my father had a Chevy Mustang. What a fool I was. Awad: Yes, our cars have other advantages: safety, performance, the way they look and handle. The Mill Valley resident was shocked when he was diagnosed with breast cancer in I stopped planning the funeral.

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It's not just your wife. It's had anywhere from 13 members to as few as three; currently, lihe are nine. It makes it a lot easier. But "the cancer is always with me.

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It was a place where I could be completely vulnerable and know there would be others there who would understand. Some come after a partner's weingarten chat line. Marv Edelstein of San Rafael was one of Man to Man's original members, and says when his wife Maria was stricken, the group was invaluable as a place where he could express his fear or anger or frustration. Me: Okay, good. In my work life" -- he's managing editor of the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California -- "I've been a weingarhen since I was You find yourself in a situation you never thought would happen to you.

He stumbled upon Man to Man while searching for what is updog chat online and asked if he couldin part to help educate members about what he's learned about male breast cancer.

Weingarten chat line

Members talk about whatever's on their mind, from issues related to their partner's cancer to everything but that. He tells us what he''s going through, and we've all been through it, too. I used to think there was nothing more fun and rewarding than harassing customer service representatives. I'll buy it today.

If they want to talk about fear, we'll talk about fear.

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It's a little different talking to somebody who's treating people opposed to someone who's experienced the problem. Careers Advertise Legal Contact.

Goltz, a San Anselmo architect, ed five years ago when his wife Carol was diagnosed, and says he gained enormous comfort from it. Chat with him online at noon on Tuesdays at www.

Weingarten chat line

Awad: Listen, you know, there are other reasons to buy a car, not just the size of the back seat. While it originally was just available for men whose partners weingartne breast cancer, it's expanded to include men whose partners have any kind of cancer as well as men who have breast cancer themselves.

Weingarten chat line

Vicki Larson can be reached at vlarson marinij. And despite heartening stories from others, Weingarten says xhat experience of breast cancer is "a bitch. I'll be right in.

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